Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weird appearance

As I was heading back home yesterday, trying to find the best way from a friend's house to mine, I had to stop alongside the road to figure out where I was going. Finding the best way (ya know the one that doesn't mean having to ride 40km on A roads) to get somewhere by just using your flair sometimes isn't just so simple, even more when the sky's so cloudy you can't even spot the sun.
So there I am, standing still on the side of the road waiting for my phone to get a clear GPS signal. After several minutes spent waiting for maps to download at Edge network speed (you can tell I was lost in the middle of nowhere ... not even a proper network coverage) and finding out which way to go, I felt like kind of observed. So I raised up my head from the phone I was staring at, and turned it quickly left to discover I was parked just in front of this statue.

It made a strange apperance. I must admit this weird encounter surprised me. It was like it said : "you made a wrong turn back there somewhere, Jerome", with a deep tone voice.

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