Saturday, September 19, 2009

Went postal and been published !

You already noticed how much I appreciate the TWO magazine (now named "Visordown" as already were the affiliated website and forums). The recent august issue featured a nicely written "How to" section that discussed on different motorcycle-related topics and how to achieve them with style. It was a really good idea until someone decided it would make it look cooler to translate the section titles in spanish and french.
I don't know for the spanish translations, but the french ones lead to a great laugh moment. So I thought I would just write these guys an email so that they know how funny their translations were and advise them to change their translation engine. I usually never do that, but this time I could not resist. I don't think we're many french (or french speaking guys) out there reading Visordown, this is certainly what made up my mind writing.
I've received the october issue a couple of days ago now. And guess what ? Yes, my letter's been published.
Their answer is a proof, as always, that these guys are funny and approachable. Keep the great work coming down to France guys !

Bookmark update anyone ?

You like motorcycles, right ? You also like pictures. So you will more than likely love motorcycle pictures. If you do so, then stay tuned, because I will update the blog and the blog links section with some other sites you might want to have a look at, starting with this one : The rider files.
"The rider files" is a great website. Ok, its look does not do much for its content, but get over it and read on. Because not only it shows some nice pictures of past and present motorcycles and riders in action, but it also features some really nice stories (like this one).

Those who were with me ...

It's been a couple of years now since I left my parent's house. I don't know if you remember that moment when you decided to go on your own, but if you were like me you were more like fleeing the place rather than say goodbye. I packed what I thought to be essential and left in what's today looks like a hurry.
Anyways, I went back to my parents' house a couple of days ago, because I needed one of the stuffs I'd left there. It had been of no use during years and now I felt like I really needed it ... Unlike theirs, my parents had kept all of my stuffs quite in the same place I had left them. That was kind of easy for me to find what I was there for, but the viewing of that mess I left behind me made me understood why my mum wanted me to clear it all out some day.
Enough for the memories ? Well not quite for today. While I was mining in the mess I found a small box. I opened it and found that :
Those who were with me a couple of ears ago will remember the story that lays behind that broken Honda Hornet key. For the others, here it is ... shortened.
I had the bike for only 3 days and had to leave with it 2 days after to attend a convention in Paris. The bike was stuning : bright blue color, nice handling and brillliant - if a bit dull at low revs - engine.
But as often with Hondas of these years, the key was made of soft butter. It was already twisted when I took delivery and I found it already difficult to insert in the ignition socket until it totally broke into pieces. Hopefully, a Honda dealer sorted that out for me so I could leave in time. Now I remember I kept what was left of the key.