Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Miob's petition

It's been 10 days without a single post on Miob's blog and I must admit I'm getting worried ... I know he's been really busy and concerned with his master's report these days, but he has such a nice blog that we're all waiting for posts and can't help wondering when he'll be back.

Let's start a petition. We would all like to help him, but don't know how ! If someone knows where he lives, let's organize a trip there to have some kind of support party with a barbecue and beers.

Alright this is a joke of course (although I'm not against that trip idea) ... Miob, keep on concentrate on your work. This is really important, you won't regret it, so it's worth you spend all your spare time on it.

Carbon arm

This is a pair of nicely shaped carbon arms for a BMW R1200S. How much weight is shaved in the swap process or who actually builds this arm is unknown.

Some people are gifted and know how to use their hands. Some others aren't, but are wealthy enough to buy carbon parts from gifted ones.

The shops

Went to the shops the other day to order parts for the BMW. Boy I hate when I have to order parts from that  BMW dealer. They just about know how to sell new bikes, not how to keep their old customers happy.  Do they remember BMW builds durable motorcycles ? Anyway, I had lost a caliper bolt (yes, it did happen when riding ... trust me that's a strange feeling that you don't want to experience one day) and had to order a new one.

While I was there, I took shots of the new bikes parked in front of the shops. It kind of saved the afternoon (even if the Diavel is still a curiosity to me).

2011 Ducati Diavel :

2011 Triumph Speed Triple :

Friday, April 22, 2011

500 2 stroke french mountain climb championship

Watch this video. This is pure 2 stroke porn : the rider is good, the 500 2 stroke ride looks sharp and this is well shot, almost artistic. There's that moment when the bike shaves pass a straw bale wall throwing some in the air ... this is really really nice. Plus there's that stunning 2 strike sound !

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fireblade transport

Those little trucks are bigger than I thought.

Sorting fueling

Ok, here's what I had to do to kind of cure the fueling issues : 
- Reset the TPS sensor by removing the factory sealant and by using a good voltmeter
- Adjust the throttle cables free play for both left and right throttle bodies
- Tighten the choke cable which appeared to be very loose
- Upload the map that came standard with the RapidBike (I'll retry the one Foster Performance provided later).

 Left : the map by Foster Performance / right : the standard one

It starts properly, still needs some work on the throttle bodies synchronization, but overall it's 10 times better than it used to.
Now to the brakes.