Saturday, May 28, 2011

Custom Ducati (part 1)

Let's start a series of posts on custom Ducatis with this nice SS. It's funny how a paint scheme can really change the look of a dull motorcycle. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact it's got a single seat unit and mirrors and ugly standard single headlight are missing (found on Motoblog, recommended especially if you can read Italian).


Tried one last Friday. Just wanted to know what it's like to ride a lightweight thumper. Guess what ? I had loads of fun. This thing power wheelies in first and second gear like the front-end's so light, but still breaks hard with its single brake disc pinched by a radial caliper. It wants to be ridden hard and surprisingly accepts high revs (7000 rpm is a lots for a single cylinder engine). It's easy to just jump over a roundabout like it never existed as you won't need to touch the brakes when you cross one.

This KTM is a real toy and definitely proves you don't need 160hp to have fun on a motorcycle. But god my butt was really aching after our 50 kilometers trip together. The saddle is so narrow and hard, it's been aching since the very first kilometers. That must something you get used to with a bit more time behind the bars, but if you don't the Duke has a wider and softer saddle and I've been told it will be soon available as a demo bike at the local KTM shop.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bare Guzzi

Half tracker half café this bare Guzzi is, to me, one of the cleanest build on the Internet today.

If you ever come across some other pics or know the builder, please point these out to me as I only know of the one above.

Update : again, Yvan has proved himself very useful, by providing the link to this beauty's story using Tineye. Check it out there. Technology saved us once again ...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moto3 coming soon

Back to some more, say err..., futile motorcycle-oriented considerations ...

Curious about how Moto3 will taste ? Want to have a glance on Honda's own treatment to what's going to replace 125ccs ? Have a look at this and you'll wish these 4 stroke singles were already there !

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dad at last ...

Warning ! For the second time only in that blog's story, the post you are about to read is not motorcycle-oriented nor is it closely related to motorbikes. 

What were we you doing 8 years ago ? Where were you and what were your projects ? Think about a honest answer to these questions for a couple of minutes. If you don't end up thinking 8 years is a long period of time during which we've been doing so much things, then you will miss out a part of this message.

Eight years ago, we (my lovely wife and I) decided we would have a baby. We had been married for a bit more than 2 years at that time and thought it was time for us to start a family. Eight years have passed, all of our friends' and brothers' kids have grown up so fast and we were still just the two of us. 

I'm passing on the details, joy and pain moments and all the stress generated by this unfair situation to announce that we are a family at last. Readers, please give a warm welcome to our daughter :

May all ours friends who had kids in the meantime forgive us for us having been so rude when they were just trying to share their happiness.
To the others who have no kids yet, please do as we did : enjoy your life as a couple. We are a living example that there's hope until the very last attempt of the very last protocol has failed ...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Rear seat cowl

I've had this part for months ... unpainted. That seat cowl had been ordered new from Germany with a bunch of others. At the time of order, it had been chosen only primed ready for a custom paint that still needed to be decided.

Recently when looking for parts still waiting to be fitted to the R1100S, I thought it was a waste to have it gathering dust in a cardboard and decided I would paint it myself. I found an old matt black spray and gave it a go.

I'm not unhappy with the roughly good finish.

Racy R1100S

It might not look that much prep'ed, but that R1100S has received a racy special treatment. To many it will certainly be looked at like a dull naked BMW though ...