Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shakey's leaning

Shane Byrne is now back to BSB, but to me and he still deserves a place in WSB ... with style.

Go for it Shakey !

Monday, December 27, 2010

Superlight kit

Came across that the other day.

It looks like a MotoGP bike or it could also be Adrea Iannone's Moto2 ride, but it all started from this off road crosser. provide kits to transform a thumper crosser into an ultra light supermono. Choose your weapon among the 450cc range and cut sharp track corners with your new 140kg 70+ bhp kitted toy.

How sweet these kits got to be. Just look at the parts list and drool.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cycle ergo

Whether you're looking for a new bike (winter always comes with loads of opportunities after all) or just want to know how life would feel on the latest liter motorcycle exotica, you should definitely visit Cycle-ergo website. This website's moto is so simple and obvious that once you've performed your first try, you will certainly find yourself coming back later with new ideas. Just fill a simple form with your height, inseam and preferred arm straightness, then chose a motorcycle you would like to know more on how it is to be sat on and voila.

Then, if you are a 6+ foot bloke like me, it will become so blatant the last generations of sportbikes - whether in the 600 or 1000 class - are built for midget riders. Tall guys, please look elsewhere. I know it's nothing new here as bike manufacturers have been trying to reduce drag for years now, but putting aside the fact that riders are becoming taller (not every day, but it's a statistical fact) at the design step simply means building a sportbike nowadays is just a matter of technical performance rather than trying to figure out how potential riders would actually fit on it.

Me on an Aprilia RSV4. Nice belly protection, isn't it ?
Would the tall riders please wave your hand if you're feeling concerned ? Are tall monkeys forced to buy BMW R1200GSs ?
Me on a BMW R1200GS
Well no actually and there are a lot of nicely designed, tall rider friendly motorcycles to discover on Cycle-ergo. Bookmark update !

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pipeburn 2010 retrospective

Be sure not to miss out one of the first (and already among the best) motorcycle retrospective of the year. Best custom builds published on Pipeburn throughout the (soon to be past) year are gathered in one post here.

This year's production's been great. Hope to see more of these next year ! Hey Pipeburn guys, keep the good work coming !