Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MotoGP to go back to liter capacity

While you're looking at this 2010 Ducati MotoGP racing bike, you should know this 800cc version is probably among the last to be designed, because the 2012 version will more than likely have a near 1000cc capacity engine.
Do I mean like 3 years ago ? Yeah I do. Do I find it stupid ? I still do. Just as if nothing happened in the meantime, the MotoGP is back to its original capacity. It's Dorna's decision to step back arguing technology has evolved enough and is now able to tame powerful bikes with smart traction control systems. Weakest argument ever ...

I can't help but feeling sad for small MotoGP teams like KR who could not afford the 800cc swap. Will they come back ? I really doubt it.

Framed fix

or should I say "fixed frame" ?

One of the common issues with dropped R1100S is frame craking. Not that the frame is particularily thready, but it has its weak points when badly treated. The steel subframe, which is where half of the exhaust system hangs, is bolted straight on the aluminium frame through tiny support holes.

If you're a heavy biker or if the bike falls down when it has its luggage kit on, those little holes are likely to be from weakened to completely cracked. But don't panic, because although it looks it's a total loss, this issue can be fixed. You still got to find a pretty good welder though, so he can TIG back the subframe support ears.

I happen to know a talented welder. Since I met Didier back 8 years from now, he's been involved in pretty much any of my track bike projects which means about 6 motorcycles. He not only knows how to weld, but he also straightens bent frames and subframes. One really worthy contact to keep in my address book. Plus he's a really good chap which makes him a very precious bloke.

Here's what he's done on the current track bike projet. He saved my frame and so the whole project ... again.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can't wait for Moto2

Maybe it's that endless winter or maybe it's just me and my legendary patience, but I can't wait to see these bikes on the track.
Take a Honda 600cc engine derived from the CBR outputing aroung 140 to 150 bhp and slip it inside a prototype frame and you get what could be the most promising competition to come. That's what Moto2 is all about : young talented riders trashing their screaming engine while at impossible lean angles.
C'mon snow ! Get the hell out !

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One more goose

What was that with Jim Goose again ? Oh yeah the frenzy and all that. I've found another one and I wasn't even looking ... It's got to mean something.
Find out about this one on the White House website among other beauties.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rare pipes

I bought this exhaust system last month for the R11S track bike project. At first I thought I'd go for a Staintune instead of the classic Laser system that you usually see on the Boxer Cup Replicas. But then, as I was wandering for a couple of hours on the Internet to find a good deal on an exhaust, I stopped on this one.

It is a BoxerCup Laser Daytona Race System. It is said to be the last in the world and was bought directly in the US from Foster Performance. While I'm mentioning his name and before letting him telling you this exhaust system's history, let me just say true simple words about the man. I would truly recommend doing business with Robert Foster from Foster Performance. He's really kind, arranging and knowledgeable. This level of service is pretty rare to come across with these days. Simply amazing.

Here's what Robert said about this Laser exhaust at the time of the buy :
"This is an official BMW BoxerCup Series Laser "Daytona" Race System - Last one left! Laser will recreate them but they will be production systems. These systems were made by hand by Don de Vink and his crew at Lasers Racing department. Don de Vink went on to be Akrapovic's top racing designer and now he is with his own company building some increadable systems for cars and motorcycles. So you have a piece of BMW history waiting for you. A Powerful piece!! - You will see! This system was developed when they added Daytona to the Boxwecup Series. The R1100Ss needed more power for the banks and straights of Daytona"

Not only this system looks promising, but it's also a real piece of art once assembled. There are still a couple of thingies to work with on the bike before fitting this beauty. Hopefuly, this will look good.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lighten your ride ...

... but not your every day ride, as this hardware only aims at track bike applications.

Anyway, if you are looking for a simple way to reduce the rider/bike package overall weight, then you might be tempted to look at what Carbon Speed Racing has to offer.

Of course as always with racing products, this is a bit pricey for just a battery. But another cheap way to have access to this 4 to 5 kg gain on the rider/bike package overall weight is : a good diet. Performance is within easy reach, it's now up to you.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Clean calipers

One of the many things I said I would do on the track bike project is clean the brake calipers. As the bike hadn't moved for a while and given the look of the lower end of the forks, this was definitely to be done. Unfortunatly for my purse, I do not own the proper tools to push the pistons back inside the calipers. Once out and clean, there was no way for me to push them back straight with my bare hands. It prooved the sealing rubbers were fried.

So I had to head on to the BMW local dealer to ask them to do the job for me. It could have been a simple story, but as always with a BMW dealer in France, it turned to a nearly dramatic story ouching my wealth.

The calipers were brought to them on a Saturday. The new sealing kit was ordered the next Tuesday. They called on Thursday to say the kit that arrived did not fit the bike that is registered as mine in their computer. I had to explain that this bike had been sold a while ago and that the calipers were off a newer model, hence the difference. The guy at BMW sounded pissed already, because he could apparently not exchange the kit ordered for another one, so he'd probably stick with it unused.

Now with the correct VIN, I was pretty confident this story would end up very soon with them ordering the proper kit and finally fix the calipers. But I had another call last Tuesday. The new sealing kit had arrived, but again it would not fit the calipers. This time, an undoublty pissed BMW guy was asking me if the calipers were really off an R1100S, if the bike was bought second hand (with the possibility that the previous owner had swapped the calipers from another model) like I was playing with them on purpose. He finally said he would deal with it and let me know.

Finally last friday I missed a call from BMW. The message said the calipers were ready. I picked them up today and fortunately they are nicely cleaned and ready to be fitted back to the bike (with a little luck they won't leak and hold their fluid). Take a look by yourself.

Why can't a simple service request stay a simple service request ? It took 2 weeks and 3 unpleasant phone calls to just change brake calipers sealing rubbers ...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Coolest way to pick your daughter up

I recognize this as the coolest way to pick your daughter up after school.

If you're wondering where you've seen that bike before, then go back a couple of posts back and you'll find one about the last AMD championship edition. SE Service entered the competition with this bike named "Harrier" built on a R1200S base.

If you're craving to get one, please note that the Harrier is not for sale any more, but SE Service would build you one if you ask kindly.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Goose frenzy

Hey what's up with the recent Jim Goose frenzy ? I've spoted at least 3 blogs publishing an entry about the man and his machine in the last 2 months. I want my part of the cake, so let's begin with a little introduction to understand what makes Goose so ... interesting.

Jim Goose is Max's mate in the first Mad Max movie. It' hasn't been seen a lot around here, because the movie was a bit too harsh when it was ready to be broadcasted on TV. How times have changed since ... Nowadays any of the top 5 TV channel could schedule it prime time without raising a single complaint.
Anyway, back to Jim and his bike. Jim is a member of the MFP, a local Police force in the movie. He's riding a Kawasaki (a Kwaka if you read close on the tank) KZ1000 with a very strange fairing and is burning tire at every of his starts. A few sequences show him lone riding his nice bike pretty fast on desertic roads. This solely would be enough to make this movie a classic to any motorcycle enthusiast.

Having not seen this movie for a while, I thought I had forgotten how cool Jim looked on his bike chasing hooligans riding fast japs. I know why Jim Goose and his bike deserve to be discussed somehow, but how come this happens now ? Has Mad Max been broadcasted recently ? This would be a simple but well enough explaination : as soon as the movie credits started scrolling, I remember having jumped on Yahoo (it was a while from now) and typed any keywords related to Goose and his Kwaka to find out how difficult it was to build one myself. Talk about attraction ...