Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MotoGP to go back to liter capacity

While you're looking at this 2010 Ducati MotoGP racing bike, you should know this 800cc version is probably among the last to be designed, because the 2012 version will more than likely have a near 1000cc capacity engine.
Do I mean like 3 years ago ? Yeah I do. Do I find it stupid ? I still do. Just as if nothing happened in the meantime, the MotoGP is back to its original capacity. It's Dorna's decision to step back arguing technology has evolved enough and is now able to tame powerful bikes with smart traction control systems. Weakest argument ever ...

I can't help but feeling sad for small MotoGP teams like KR who could not afford the 800cc swap. Will they come back ? I really doubt it.

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