Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Goose frenzy

Hey what's up with the recent Jim Goose frenzy ? I've spoted at least 3 blogs publishing an entry about the man and his machine in the last 2 months. I want my part of the cake, so let's begin with a little introduction to understand what makes Goose so ... interesting.

Jim Goose is Max's mate in the first Mad Max movie. It' hasn't been seen a lot around here, because the movie was a bit too harsh when it was ready to be broadcasted on TV. How times have changed since ... Nowadays any of the top 5 TV channel could schedule it prime time without raising a single complaint.
Anyway, back to Jim and his bike. Jim is a member of the MFP, a local Police force in the movie. He's riding a Kawasaki (a Kwaka if you read close on the tank) KZ1000 with a very strange fairing and is burning tire at every of his starts. A few sequences show him lone riding his nice bike pretty fast on desertic roads. This solely would be enough to make this movie a classic to any motorcycle enthusiast.

Having not seen this movie for a while, I thought I had forgotten how cool Jim looked on his bike chasing hooligans riding fast japs. I know why Jim Goose and his bike deserve to be discussed somehow, but how come this happens now ? Has Mad Max been broadcasted recently ? This would be a simple but well enough explaination : as soon as the movie credits started scrolling, I remember having jumped on Yahoo (it was a while from now) and typed any keywords related to Goose and his Kwaka to find out how difficult it was to build one myself. Talk about attraction ...

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