Sunday, January 17, 2010

AMD championship

I have to admit that I've always looked at the AMD chamionship as yet another cruiser contest where admitance was limited to fat moustache large tatooed arms beer drinkers.
Well I changed my mind and it can only mean two things : I'm getting older and as the years past on, I've become a cruiser fan. This simple idea is still frightening me, so even if it's probably partially true, this can't be the main reason.

The reason why I changed my mind about the AMD championship is without a doubt because of last year's competitors list. Here are some of the bikes that were battling there to win the prize in 2009. Look at these hand made motorcycles and dare to tell me you're just simply not impressed.
Ok I know, some of the bikes in the competitors list are still the ugliest in the world (check the whole list here), but hey that makes the others even greater.

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