Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nicky's new year's gift

Has Nicky fucked up with this picture ? Well from my point of view yes, a little. I like Nicky Hayden for the way he is even if some of his personnality is sometimes too much of an american's lampoon. Anyway, he's a talented and stylish rider - let's not forget he's been the MotoGP champion, plus he's the only Stoner teammate to actually tame the MotoGP Ducati - and looks like a good chap out of the track.
But when he went to Ducati's racing facilities late in last December to meet his new racing motorcycle, he took some pics of the bike for the memories. The problem is that he thought that would be cool to share them with the fans and uploaded the pictures on his website, revealing the whole new Desmosedici to the planet, including every other MotoGP teams. That was a very nice idea for the fans, but that wasn't very smart from a Ducati manager's perspective.

Now the japanese teams have the whole winter to study Ducati's new MotoGP weapon. I hope it hasn't ruined Ducati's efforts too much.

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