Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy new year

I guess I should start this new year by wishing you all a happy new one. It's probably a bit laconic, but trust me when I say it is very sincere. I wish the best for this new year to any reader, especially to those I know personnaly. We may not spend a lot of time working on our bikes together, we may have taken separate directions or we may not meet as often as we (I ?) would like to but you're all in my thoughts.

I'm starting the year with this big teutonic project in my garage. There's still a lot of work on it before it even runs and I won't be at ease before I fix a couple of fixable issues. I promised to practice a lot more on track than last year - that'll be peace of cake as I've cancelled most of my rides - and to spend a lot more time having fun than working - again that shouldn't be too hard.

Hope too read or see you soon lads.

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Yvan said...

I wish you a happy new year too. I hope full of hot laps with your bretzel. Don't forget her bra, her breast...uhhh... cylinders are already falling down... ^^