Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lightweight racing batteries

We've already discussed about batteries this year when mentioning Carbon Speed Racing products range. Batteries are really worth a first look when you're trying to shave some weight out of your ride as a motorcycle battery average weight is around 5kgs, which is a lot on a 160+ supersport.

Good news for who wants to prep' up his bike for track purpose : here are 2 new options for lightweight racing batteries to choose from. The first one is from Black and White bikes, a UK-based track bike specialist.

The second alternative is sold by Performance Parts limited.

Both of these batteries do cover a wide range of motorcycles. Each of these suppliers can provide with two different battery models : one for the smaller capacity engines, the other for bigger capacity, twins and thumper engines. Expect a gain of  4+kgs as those batteries' claimed weight is around 499 grams.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Important paper

It took almost 2 months to arrive, but it's finally there. This long awaited piece of paper is a certificate from BMW that states my bike complies to national driving regulations. This means I can now ride it ... well legally, I mean :D
I have to admit that waiting for that paper has been a bit stressing, because without it, the R1100S is just a useless pile of plastic and metal ... or at most a decorative pile of plastic and metal. Trust me, it's a relief to get it.

New parts arrived

Some shots of what has recently crossed the doorway.
 - nice and light bar ends from Wünderlich : lighter might shave some weight out, but the boxer engine vibes might also feel more present.

 - nice and light license plate holder from RedBee.

 - primed seat cowl : it was missing when I got the bike and since I still don't know what the new paint scheme will look like, I'd better take it primed only.

 - new BMW emblems for the new seat cowl and upper triple clamp.

 - clear rear signal lenses

 - grips : the ones on the bike are worn and cracks had already been repaired in its previous life with what looks like glue.

I've got to find time to fit them all now and that's the trickiest part of the contract these days.

Stuck inside

This is how my driveway looks like at the moment. I can't roll anything out of the garage and even if I could, rolling back inside anything two-wheeled would really be a hard and dirty job.

2 more weeks to go ...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Both knees down

Visordown the mag is dead. The formerly known as Two Wheels Only magazine I already mentioned in previous messages will no longer make it to my mailbox. It's a real pity as I really was enjoying reading every single issue. The website is the only form the editors will keep updating. The paper version wasn't apparently selling that good. The good news is that my subscription to Visordown has been transferred to "UK's best selling motorcycle magazine" (as they say) Fast Bikes

The good
The so-so

It's now the second FB issue I'm receiving and I can now say how I'm feeling about it. The first issue I got came along with a mega cliché poster : a large breasted young girl posing in front of a tuned motorcycle. With that kind of content, you bet it's the best selling motorcycle magazine. All in all the rest of the mag's content wasn't that bad and at that moment I couldn't image how much I would miss Visordown. The second issue's package had a FB goodie inside : a winter neck protection. How kind, I thought, but couldn't help noticing the mag's was way thinner than the previous issue. I read the content this afternoon and it's just a motorcylce magazine, nothing more. I mean it's everything all the other existing magazines are and it's too close from that Moto&Motards retard magazine. Now I'm missing Visordown.

Different and funny, made by real bike crazy boys as well as former GP and BSB glories, Visordown was a great one. Fast Bikes isn't that good, but I guess I'll bear with it until the subscription's over (and trust me it's not for the boobies).

Monday, October 4, 2010

Wealthy kid

How good it must feel to be a kid nowadays ... well provided you've got wealthy and generous parents. As I was trying to find a toy for my nephew's birthday, I came around these.

I don't remember motorcycle toys were that realistic (for the look, that is) when I was a kid. Look at that Ducati again : Öhlins upside down fork, Brembo brakes, hard as wood seat foam, everything's there.

Come on it says "Carbon serie" on that Megablock on the right ! I mean carbon !! Of course, there's not a single piece of carbon in the box, but can you seriously tease a 6 year old kid with carbon parts ? Well it works for me, so I guess the teaser only works for dads.

Fortunately, someone here keeps telling I'm still a kid. Would that mean I can buy one of these ? Pleeeeeeaaase.

But wait, it 's too late already. That one is out of my personal collection (and is actually a flat twin).
Will you guess what my job is ?