Sunday, October 10, 2010

Both knees down

Visordown the mag is dead. The formerly known as Two Wheels Only magazine I already mentioned in previous messages will no longer make it to my mailbox. It's a real pity as I really was enjoying reading every single issue. The website is the only form the editors will keep updating. The paper version wasn't apparently selling that good. The good news is that my subscription to Visordown has been transferred to "UK's best selling motorcycle magazine" (as they say) Fast Bikes

The good
The so-so

It's now the second FB issue I'm receiving and I can now say how I'm feeling about it. The first issue I got came along with a mega cliché poster : a large breasted young girl posing in front of a tuned motorcycle. With that kind of content, you bet it's the best selling motorcycle magazine. All in all the rest of the mag's content wasn't that bad and at that moment I couldn't image how much I would miss Visordown. The second issue's package had a FB goodie inside : a winter neck protection. How kind, I thought, but couldn't help noticing the mag's was way thinner than the previous issue. I read the content this afternoon and it's just a motorcylce magazine, nothing more. I mean it's everything all the other existing magazines are and it's too close from that Moto&Motards retard magazine. Now I'm missing Visordown.

Different and funny, made by real bike crazy boys as well as former GP and BSB glories, Visordown was a great one. Fast Bikes isn't that good, but I guess I'll bear with it until the subscription's over (and trust me it's not for the boobies).

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Yvan said...

Why don't you try Performance Bike ?
I quite like this one. ;-)