Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lightweight racing batteries

We've already discussed about batteries this year when mentioning Carbon Speed Racing products range. Batteries are really worth a first look when you're trying to shave some weight out of your ride as a motorcycle battery average weight is around 5kgs, which is a lot on a 160+ supersport.

Good news for who wants to prep' up his bike for track purpose : here are 2 new options for lightweight racing batteries to choose from. The first one is from Black and White bikes, a UK-based track bike specialist.

The second alternative is sold by Performance Parts limited.

Both of these batteries do cover a wide range of motorcycles. Each of these suppliers can provide with two different battery models : one for the smaller capacity engines, the other for bigger capacity, twins and thumper engines. Expect a gain of  4+kgs as those batteries' claimed weight is around 499 grams.

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