Monday, October 4, 2010

Wealthy kid

How good it must feel to be a kid nowadays ... well provided you've got wealthy and generous parents. As I was trying to find a toy for my nephew's birthday, I came around these.

I don't remember motorcycle toys were that realistic (for the look, that is) when I was a kid. Look at that Ducati again : Öhlins upside down fork, Brembo brakes, hard as wood seat foam, everything's there.

Come on it says "Carbon serie" on that Megablock on the right ! I mean carbon !! Of course, there's not a single piece of carbon in the box, but can you seriously tease a 6 year old kid with carbon parts ? Well it works for me, so I guess the teaser only works for dads.

Fortunately, someone here keeps telling I'm still a kid. Would that mean I can buy one of these ? Pleeeeeeaaase.

But wait, it 's too late already. That one is out of my personal collection (and is actually a flat twin).
Will you guess what my job is ?

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