Sunday, June 27, 2010

You fail

The R1100S project has failed to pass his first exam last week. To have it properly registered, it needs to prove its compliance to our road rules and it's no need to say it currently can't due to a badly oriented headlight.

A battle's lost, but I'm waiting for a German headlight to arrive to replace the current English one.

Motorcycle technology

Nowadays it's all about technology. If you want to make the most out of your superbike on the road, you need traction control, mapping switch button, smart ABS with angle sensor and so on. Trust me to make the most out of a 200hp motorcycle, one need any of these riding aids as standard on his bike. But to be complete a superbike needs one extra and most important technological gizmo : a Kickstand Kritter.

No question that with that kind of accessory, you'll be the king of the road with your 200bhp superbike (and that cute little squirrel).

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What a cutie !

When I bought the Speed Triple last year, the Triumph dealer told me I could buy any Triumph accessories to complete the bike with a 20% discount and free fitting during a year after purchase. At that time I remember thinking that it was cool, but I would certainly enjoy the bike like it was.
Last friday, I went back to Triumph to have the bike serviced for the first time since last year and asked if they could fit me the tiny fly screen that my bike had not. So I did wait a full year and if you question then yes they offered (I did not have to remind them) the discounted price and the free fitting costs.
Here how I got it back (what a cutie now)

This is how a Speed Triple should look. I mean it doesn't have to be black, but this fly screen is really part of the Speed Triple's visual identity.
Now if you ask, I'm really fed up with the tank bag and plan to remove it. Don't get me wrong it's a real handy addition as this bike is my (almost) daily comute, but it's getting ugly and totally waste the shine of the bike.

Monday, June 7, 2010

At the BMW dealer

Here are a few shots from Saturday's trip to the local BMW dealer. The pics were taken with my phone, so they are not that good. You've been warned.

They have a second hand HP2 Sport sitting in the show room with hardly 5600 km on the clock. This one always makes me drool ... if only the price tag wasn't that sky high. €16500 isn't cheap for an already broken in bike.

An nicely painted R1200S is also parked next to the HP2. This one's got to be one the mechanics track bike. Notice the fake racer, umbrella girl and corner scene.