Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Framed fix

or should I say "fixed frame" ?

One of the common issues with dropped R1100S is frame craking. Not that the frame is particularily thready, but it has its weak points when badly treated. The steel subframe, which is where half of the exhaust system hangs, is bolted straight on the aluminium frame through tiny support holes.

If you're a heavy biker or if the bike falls down when it has its luggage kit on, those little holes are likely to be from weakened to completely cracked. But don't panic, because although it looks it's a total loss, this issue can be fixed. You still got to find a pretty good welder though, so he can TIG back the subframe support ears.

I happen to know a talented welder. Since I met Didier back 8 years from now, he's been involved in pretty much any of my track bike projects which means about 6 motorcycles. He not only knows how to weld, but he also straightens bent frames and subframes. One really worthy contact to keep in my address book. Plus he's a really good chap which makes him a very precious bloke.

Here's what he's done on the current track bike projet. He saved my frame and so the whole project ... again.

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