Saturday, April 3, 2010

From the shelf

While the project is kind of stuck at the moment (mainly due to brake issues) and the fiber race fairing is still missing (it's 2 weeks late already), parts coming from the UK and Germany are piling up on the shelf waiting to be fitted. Let's have a look on what's getting dusty.

This is a Becker Technik central stand. This one's not really wating as it's already in use as a "racing" central stand.

That's a short paralever arm that comes from a GS. Since this arm is shorter, the bike's rear is lifted a bit putting more weight on the front. This helps making the bike more manoeuverable in the twisties.

A Touratech part. It's a steering stop protector that fits on the telever lower arm. On undamaged motorcycles it helps preventing the steering stops from breaking when the bike is dropped. On the track bike project, this part will act as actual steering stops since they are already broken.

An extra pair of engine covers. This might come in handy if the bike want sto taste the track sands (of if I'm getting a bit too optimistic with the lean angle).

Relays ! It's a box full with relays for the R1100S. It did come cheap from eBay and saved me a huge expense. Some relays were missing when I got the bike from the breaker. Among those were the starter one (you can't start the bike without this one) and the blinker one (the bigger black relay on the left). The latter costs around 150€ new, but the whole box came for £15.

An extra O2 sensor that will be bolted to the Laser Daytona system, since the one that came with the bike is seized in the tube ...

Some Cera protective additive which will be poured in the engine, gearbox and drive shaft oil compartements.

Nology cables. These extra permissive wires will help the plugs producing a proper spark.

Nice collection of parts waiting isn't it ?

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