Monday, April 12, 2010

Gauge obsession

Am I growing a gauge obsession ? Call that whatever you like, but 2 posts a year to talk about gauges, tachometers, speedometers or dashs got to mean something ... With that kind of addiction, I know that later in life, when I'll be ready to build my own prototype (but too old to actually ride it), the dash department will certainly be the most over designed part of the project.

The first product is an analogic meter made by Pivot Racing. Check out their website as it contains some nice videos that show how their gauges work and how precise they can be compared to stock ones. Especially the stepping one.

The second one is a complete digital dash that is close to what 2D is bringing to the competition (and more and more to the road also now, as they worked on several Ducatis and BMWs like the Desmosedici or the HP2 Sport). What HM Quickshifter has built is a lot cheaper though. Both are European companies as 2D is German and HM is British.

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