Saturday, May 28, 2011


Tried one last Friday. Just wanted to know what it's like to ride a lightweight thumper. Guess what ? I had loads of fun. This thing power wheelies in first and second gear like the front-end's so light, but still breaks hard with its single brake disc pinched by a radial caliper. It wants to be ridden hard and surprisingly accepts high revs (7000 rpm is a lots for a single cylinder engine). It's easy to just jump over a roundabout like it never existed as you won't need to touch the brakes when you cross one.

This KTM is a real toy and definitely proves you don't need 160hp to have fun on a motorcycle. But god my butt was really aching after our 50 kilometers trip together. The saddle is so narrow and hard, it's been aching since the very first kilometers. That must something you get used to with a bit more time behind the bars, but if you don't the Duke has a wider and softer saddle and I've been told it will be soon available as a demo bike at the local KTM shop.

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