Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Miob's petition

It's been 10 days without a single post on Miob's blog and I must admit I'm getting worried ... I know he's been really busy and concerned with his master's report these days, but he has such a nice blog that we're all waiting for posts and can't help wondering when he'll be back.

Let's start a petition. We would all like to help him, but don't know how ! If someone knows where he lives, let's organize a trip there to have some kind of support party with a barbecue and beers.

Alright this is a joke of course (although I'm not against that trip idea) ... Miob, keep on concentrate on your work. This is really important, you won't regret it, so it's worth you spend all your spare time on it.


Co6alt said...

I second that! Good luck Miob

MIOB said...


Merci! I feel flattered!
Don't worry, I am fine, not even that busy anymore since I did finish my masters' thesis. (but I am doing an internship now). I just didn't feel like updating the blog....

But thanks!!

Jérôme Pramondon said...

Ok, but what about the most important part of the post ? Barbecue and beers ! :D
It seems like I get more attention when mentioning beers and barbecue around here ... :D

You're welcome. I've read something like you were recently lacking of motivation to update. Keep that blog far for a couple more days, maybe it'll grow in yourself again.