Saturday, September 19, 2009

Went postal and been published !

You already noticed how much I appreciate the TWO magazine (now named "Visordown" as already were the affiliated website and forums). The recent august issue featured a nicely written "How to" section that discussed on different motorcycle-related topics and how to achieve them with style. It was a really good idea until someone decided it would make it look cooler to translate the section titles in spanish and french.
I don't know for the spanish translations, but the french ones lead to a great laugh moment. So I thought I would just write these guys an email so that they know how funny their translations were and advise them to change their translation engine. I usually never do that, but this time I could not resist. I don't think we're many french (or french speaking guys) out there reading Visordown, this is certainly what made up my mind writing.
I've received the october issue a couple of days ago now. And guess what ? Yes, my letter's been published.
Their answer is a proof, as always, that these guys are funny and approachable. Keep the great work coming down to France guys !

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