Saturday, May 29, 2010

Get on the Bike

"Get on the bike ! Get on the bike, Mike !" (hear a loud Beastie Boys tune ?)

Remember 2 years ago when you could put your name on a MotoGP ? You just had to fill a form and your name was then printed on Kenny Roberts Jr's KR212V. That was cool, but now it seems so 2008 ... The idea was great for the fans who could have their name on what was the last appearance of the KR MotoGP team.

For the upcoming Laguna Seca MotoGP round, Yamaha is trying a revival of the concept with a similar plan named "get on the bike". As is was 2 years ago, the idea is still simple, but this time implies you send a picture of your face. You read well, you get the opportunity to put a picture of yourself on either Valentoni Rossi's or Jorge Lorenzo's M1. To apply, just click here. Try to smile at least if you do so.

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