Saturday, May 22, 2010

ABS removal : epilogue (hopefully)

Update : This post draws a lot of attention. Everyone reading this post to discover how to dump the I-ABS unit on his beloved BMW should also read this one about potential issues and how to solve them.

After having searched for days for a valuable solution to get rid of the ABS system on the R1100S, I remember being resigned to give up the idea. This bike's equipped with the I-ABS (stands for Integral-ABS, a version coupling front and rear brakes actions) version of the system and although there seems to have proper solutions to remove previous version of ABS on older R1100S, my searches and requests for help on both american and german forums did not give any result I was pleased with.

But that was until I sent an email to a Pelican Parts board member that seem to have done the job a couple of years ago, but did not describe how to do it. With little hopes of being replied to, I gave it a try. The guy (Jan) replied in less than a day and told me how he did it and how long his bike was running this way. Rather reassuring. Long story short, the way to go is to keep the electronic part of the ABS system and discard the hydrolic one.

Before showing what I did, a couple of words on why not just remove the whole ABS system. Well all the brake hoses have been changed to shorter and more direct routed ones, but that's really not enough. If you simply disconnect the I-ABS unit, the speedometer and brake light will immediately stop working. This is because the I-ABS unit is not just a pump that adds or removes a bit of brake pressure in the system. As with other features, it also computes the ABS sensor signal as a speed signal that is then sent back to the dashboard. Last thing to mention, do not try to bypass the I-ABS module plug : this does not work even if the wire diagram lets you think it will.

Now for the pictures. Here's what to do.

- This is what I started with this morning. Drill the 4 one-way screws retaining the electronic part of the module.
- Gently open and to discover what needs to be unpluged.
- Unplug the wires
- This is what you want to keep

- This is what you want to discard (rather keep it in a safe place as it doesn't come cheap even as a second hand part). And guess what, it apperas to be the heaviest part !

- This is what I ended up with. I cut a piece of metal to close and insulate the electronics.
Now this tiny and light box can be plugged back on to the bike. You now have working speedo and brake lights again. The only problem left is the "brake failure" light flashing on your dashboard. Simply remove the corresponding relay and off it goes (the other warning light is still flashing though, and I don't have a quick trick for that but to unplug a wire directly on the dashboard).


Mike Zazkis said...

i just remove my ABS unit from BMW k1200GT 2004; first many thank for warnings & pictures. I still have a problem with brake light. I try to remove ABS relay then brake lights stop working.
(besides tracing front & back brake switches, adding relay and wiring brake light as on model k1200gt/rs without ABS) any other suggestions...( many thanks in advance

tom glass said...

I have a 2004 R1200cl that currently has non functional abs, brake lights, speedo or cruise. Brake failure light is on solid.No problems with wiring to wheel sensors. Will disconnecting servos do anything for these conditions? All the fuses in the two fuse boxes are OK. Any thoughts on what may be going on?
Best regards,

Geraldo said...

I performed exactly as you described, and finally I was free IABS
For the proble brake fault light "in triangle format" just cut the ABS-W wire pin IABS the module connector 9 color brown wire with red stripe
Everything worked perfectly, cruise control, canceling brake light cruise control, tachometer.
Thank you

mpascolla said...

Hello I did the ABS servo brake removal and I went very well thanks for the info and
Photos.It took about five hours from start to finish.I could do it in less time now that
I know what to look for.The bike works perfect and I'm very happy I wish I could
Shut off the flashing triangle.Anybody have a fix? Mike

Geraldo said...

For the proble brake fault light "in triangle format" just cut the ABS-W wire pin IABS the module connector 9 color brown wire with red stripe

Daniel Leshtanski said...

Somebody do that on r1200gs?