Thursday, May 27, 2010

Electric coverage

Asphalt and Rubber is currently featuring a full coverage (story + pictures + practice and race videos) of the first ever TTX GP round at Infineon raceway. To be honest, I thought I would never ever talk about electric bikes and give them that much credit. And let's face it, I'm still not totally convinced they're what's future has to offer as the next generation of motorcycle races.

You know when you plan to barbecue, you know there will be the heat, the smoke and eventually the smell and that's where 80% of the fun comes from (the remaining 20% coming from the drink you're having while starting it up). The same goes for motorcycles to me. Both electric barbecues and motorcycles didn't look half fun as their charcoal and petrol alter egos.

But that was until I watched one of these videos. I have to admit that I've been blown away by these bikes and have to start to get used to them. The races still look a bit odd, but I didn't think some of the bikes could be that fast.

Check out by yourself. Get there and be sure to watch at least the 11 laps race video. This is ... interesting (see ? there's still a long road 'til I'm confortable with electric powered motorcycles)

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Yvan said...

With an electric Solex, you won't do any hot lap, but you can finish the race at least... ^^