Monday, May 10, 2010

6 cylinders

A couple of 6 cylinders motorcyles have popped out from all around the bike community these days. In a 2 weeks time, several stories about on 6 cylinders engines have been published and this gives me another occasion to mention some of the sites and blogs I usually wander on.

The question is : why are all these 6 cylinders project bikes popping at the same time ? Is spring making all the winter projects out ? Has BMW's 6 concept brought that much interest to the community ? In any case, I can't blame anyone for this as it brings light back to a glorious part of motorcycle history and gives life to exiting project bikes.

For you lazy readers, here are 4 of these projects with a nice picture and direct link to the full story.

From motorcyclepictureoftheday :

From Pipeburn :

From Bikeexif :

And another one from motorcyclepictureoftheday :

Finally, if you're lucky enough to put your hand on the May issue of the Visordown magazine, you'll read a nice story about inline, V and flat 6 cylinder engine applications in the motorcycle industry.

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