Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rapid Bike box

In order to sort the fueling issues we (the dyno guy, Robert from Foster Performance and I) discovered on the R1100S just after the Laser complete exhaust system had been fitted, I've been recommended a Rapid Bike box. Everyone goes with a Power Commander to remap an ECU, but these Rapid Bike boxes are powerful italian technology worth every penny.

Anyway, Foster Performance have been very keen on pointing me out that they were currently having a clearance sale on Rapid Bike boxes for the R1100S. Add to this an attractive euro-to-dollar conversion (well, at the time of the deal) and a promise on custom maps to start to work from and fit my specific needs, and I couldn't decline.

The box arrived a couple of weeks ago as you can guess from the picture below. It hasn't been installed yet, but from what I've seen today (story soon to be covered in another post), I can't wait any more time to fit it.

Displayed in picture (clockwise) : 
- Rapid Bike software + custom maps
- USB cable to connect on laptop
- Quick shifter
- Wire harness that plugs on both Bosh injectors
- Rapid Bike module (center)

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