Saturday, January 22, 2011

Prettier rear end

This is what I've worked on last week. I've tried to make the rear end prettier while certainly a little lighter too. Again I had this parts gathering dust for several months now and finally took some time to fit them on the BMW. 

So here it is before the parts swap ...

... and after the turn signal lenses and the licence plate holder were changed

The main point here, I have to admit, was the look enhancement while trying to stay more or less road legal. Weight gain is hardly over 200g, but that's another 200g that makes the bike 1kg lighter now with the bar ends swap (don't know if you've noticed that already).

The indicator bulbs are still clear ones making the signals to flash way too bright. I still have to replace them with orange tinted ones. Front turn signals are still ugly orange ones, so I guess I'll be looking to arrange that soon.

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