Monday, July 13, 2009

Some other pics from Croix

As I found my camera back, I can now offer you to have look on some additional pictures of Croix trackday.
Quick view at the track from were I was parked. With the not-so-grippy and wet tarmac, I didn't want to go at that time. The fact that it was early in the morning must have had something to do with that too ...

There was some serious material that day. Not a lot of people, but the famous ZX10R (on the right with these guys) I couldn't fight with and a RG500 (the blue on the left) that finally didn't quite put a wheel on the track.

That camping car (which requieres a truck license!) on the right belongs to some really nice guy that I found on the parking lot every time I'm having a track day.

It looks like someone's not keen on new Honda's Fireblade exhaust design and finally found it more practical as a cup holder.

Looking at the weather one could not guess this was in june, right ? Sorry no action shot that time. They were looking great with nices postures, but the photographer must have forgotten that a decent rider is broke most of the time ...

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