Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sold the SV

You're reading it well. I sold the SV. After a year spent on it trying to get it ready for track and only one track day with it, the decision was easy. This is mainly because of these reasons :
- the bike is finished, so the project has lost most of his appeal.
- despite incresing exprerience and lowering lap times, I don't feal the bike like I used to feel others on a track
- the "ride" part of the project that consisted in riding it as often as possible on a track really didn't start well when I had to cancel 3/4 of my riding season
- I want to taste something else
- I need cash

Just for memories, here's how it was prepared :
- Öhlins fork spring and 15W oil
- 2006 ZX10R rear shock
- Lust suspension jack-up kit (20mm higher)
- CBR F3 rear wheel conversion + 180 tires Pirelli Supercorsa
- Timing Retard Eliminator
- BMC air filter
- Yoshimura TR3 complete exhaust
- Hel braided lines
- EBC HH brake pads

Farewell little SV, you're gone with a lucky young rider. I whish you luck with him on the track.

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