Monday, July 13, 2009

Clutch story short

So I went back from Croix with what I thougth to be a fried clutch. After a little oil drain, and a 20 minutes thinking on how I would efficiently pull the clutch cover out, here's what I found :

Yes, discs and springs were looking alright. So the problem had to come from somewhere else.

So I headed to the push axle that goes right through the engine from left (where the cable links) to right (where the discs reside). Everything seemed ok there too.

So at that time I had absolutely no clue on what was wrong with that cluth. What was making it slip so much ? So I went back on the other side of the bike to have a look on the really poor cable system that Suzuki fitted on that bike. After an hour spent on the push rod system trying to figure out how the whole system is actually working, I discovered what the probem was. The clutch cable was simply misrouted, preventing him from working properly on the push rod ...

By just re-routing the cable and put everything back together, I solved the problem. I went out on a little B road next to home to have a little taste of how the clutch should have been from the start. At several corner exits, the front lifted very easily. I'm taking that as a validation.

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