Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rapid bike installed

As with a couple of other things, I took some time last week to fit the Rapid Bike module on the R1100S. It was a rather easy job, but once installed it caused the bike to be more difficult to start even with the choke trigger fully pulled. Add to this a disastrous gas mileage that makes me think the lean air/fuel ratio is now history and you can guess my reaction. More money thrown at trying to solve issues, more problems.

Apart from these new issues, the bike's absolutely flying with its new programmable injection module. It pulls  continuously with force in the whole rev range in a deeper than ever exhaust sound. The engine produces a much smoother torque curve and the famous 4500 rpm flat spot has almost disappeared. It was raining when I took it for its test ride, so there's certainly more to discover later, but a difference could be felt.

Now, the starting issue, a much higher idle speed and the rather short tank range made me think I was in for a "carb" synch, so I plugged my faithful Twinmax and gave the synch screws a spin. I ended up with both screws completely tightened, a sensibly lowered idle speed and an effective choke trigger. I also put the Power FRK module down just to see if it has something to do with it. 

Test ride is planned for tomorrow starting with a full tank of gas.

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