Monday, February 28, 2011

Badly fueled

Synchronizing the throttle bodies didn't not cure the bad mileage on the big S. It's still difficult to start, hard to work with in town, stalling at traffic lights and eating gas like a thirsty camel. With this fueling problem unsolved, I don't want to move forward to the next steps like sorting the suspension or brakes. The project's stuck.

I took contact with a pro tuner in the Netherlands last week. The plan is to pay him a visit next week (Saturday anyone ?) with the bike so he remaps the RapidBike module. I hope he can sort this all out once for all. In the short conversation we had, he suggested I should revert to the standard ignition cables. So for the fourth time, I swapped these cables this afternoon.

And since the side panels were down and the tank was put away, it also was a good occasion to find a new place for the diagnostic USB plug as it will be needed when on the dyno to access and optimize the current fueling map. I squeezed the plug just between the airbox and the left frame spar.

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