Sunday, February 6, 2011

Collapsed BST

Pictures of what appears to be a collapsed BST carbon wheel showed up on the Pelican Parts forum the other day. Given the price for a pair, I would understand the owner, who's fortunately said to be alive and far from badly wounded, to be pissed as hell.

Ok then, what's to be learned from all this ? Well first, BST (standing for Black Stone Tek) wheels are light and hollow. Then, given the look of the inner threads, you could honestly ask yourself if you get the quality you expensively paid for. To me, BST wheels are so pricey that even with a 50% rebate I'd still think twice before buying (and I'm not trying to minimize their impact on the bike's flickabillity). Finally, don't get me wrong, carbon wheels, with Öhlins USD forks (or more recently Showa BPF forks) or TTX shocks, are still the climax when it comes to motorcycle upgrades.

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