Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Temporary plated

(did ou get it ? forget it that was a bad one, I'm not chrome or gold plating anything on the bike)

This is definitely not the nicest addition to the bike, but it does a proper job allowing me to ride the BMW on the road. At last ! Ok some of you may have already noticed that it's only a temporary license plate (hence the double W, which got to be a quadruple U), but that's a good start and it already saved me from the hassle of hauling the bike south to the dealer.

By the way, the guys at BMW have checked the headlight and gave me the letter I needed to pursue the registration process. This letter states that the headlight is pointing to the right side and the tachometer is set up to be read in kmh.

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Yvan said...

And about the bike itself, are you happy with it ? :)

Did you solve your problem with the braking system purge ?