Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The dyno shop

A few pics from today's dyno run.

The dyno itself

Ready ?

Preparing the bike

Let's go for it !

Now if you wonder how much came out of this run, the answer is 84.51 hp. This is measured at the rear wheel and the dyno calculated 13% of power loss between the crank and the wheel, which is strange as I thought the resistance was rather a constant. I'll ask again when I come back for the second run to make sure.

For this first run the bike only had a KN filter, Nology cables and a Y pipe (don't know the brand as it came along with the bike). I can't show the graph at the moment, because I don't have a scanner and even if I did, the dyno's printer was out of ink, so I left without the printed result.

This dyno was made by PoliMetal59, a Dynojet/PowerCommander certified center and reknown paint shop. I took this final shot while waiting for my bike to be unstrapped and rolled out of the cabin. While I totally hate the style, I must admit there's got to be a lot of work involved in this project.

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