Monday, July 19, 2010

On your mark

You'll find below a few pics of the day I've spent fitting the performance parts on the R1100S.

Parts gathered and ready (Laser Daytona II exhaust sytem, Power FRK module and Boxer Performance carbon air intake)

2 into 1 into 2

I should have tried to spit flames through that !

I didn't trust the licence plate bracket holder provided by Laser, so I had it welded to the pipes

Straight pipes exhaust !

Those 2 stainless steel pipes are so hot while riding, they're burning my boots !

The Laser end cans without any sort of restriction. Way tool loud in my opinion.

Thanks again to :
- Robert Foster from Foster Performance for having provided the parts and helped me fitting them properly to the bike.
- the guys at PoliMetal59 who have made a little of welding

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