Friday, August 14, 2015

A long and rather uninteresting post for the memories

If you ever get the chance to restore a motorcycle, you are most likely to find yourself in the middle of a disassemble process. Noisy dried out bearings, flaked paint, rusted tank, cracked rubbers and other leaking gaskets are all the kinds of reason that would certainly require to put the whole bike apart.

With all the bolts out, you could always try to trust your memory in order to remember which goes where and more importantly what all the cable and loom routes are. But the thing is your restoration process might carry you a little further than you'd initially planned. They always do ... And as time flies while you're waiting for your parts to come back from the painter or your NOS parts to be delivered, memories of the neat details for when everything will have to get together again just fade.

Now, you could also take a whole bunch of pictures as reminders of what you've been removing and how and where it should go back on the bike. It's a nice trick provided you happen to think about taking pictures before the disassemble actually starts ... But if you do, you're rewarded with a collection of photos of your bike at the most unusual angles. Ones you're very unlikely to look at once the rebuild is over, ones like these.

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