Friday, January 10, 2014

Racing battery

One of the easiest and quickest way to pull some weight off a motorcycle, as well as put a whole in your wallet, is to install a lightweight battery. There has been one in order for a month and it made it to the garage's door last week.

A standard ZX7R battery, say a Yuasa YT12B, weighs a heavy 4.09kg. The Racing Batteries RB240400 is as light as 1.05kg, which makes a full 3.04kg gain once installed.

Of course the tiny battery does not have the same dimensions as the standard one, causing a short head scratching moment during the installation process in order to attach it properly. Of course, there are some maintenance instructions that you should follow thoroughly so you don't damage the LiFePO4 battery permanently. But it's still an easy mod for a huge saving.

Now, to the pics. I put a well-known toy next to the RB240400 so everyone can figure out how small is this battery.

Racing Batteries recommend the use of a specific charger and suggest you get an Optimate Lithium battery tender. You can buy one direct from them.

The whole set came in what is certainly the worst packaged box that made its way to the garage last year.

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