Thursday, January 23, 2014

Keep the postman busy

The postman's been sweating the hell out these days delivering part boxes to either my personal mailbox, work address or even my parent's home ...

Some Honda steering stem caps and washer for 929 CBR forks (plus a pen goodie, yoohoo !)

ZX7R fork seals (plus a keychain goodie, yoohoo !)

A spare ZX7R subframe that will serve as a racing seat unit support, hence it's going to be cut

A ZX10R lower fork clamp to start the mocking up front ends job with a fork swap as a target

Projects are still a bit stuck for now, but parts keep on coming, so there's no reason they linger for too long any more apart from a significant one : me having no sort of time to work on the bikes.

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