Monday, June 10, 2013

Reworked windscreen

Time for the big S to get a new windshield. It still had its scuffed and cracked one from when I bought it from the salvage more than 3 years ago. Lots have been done since on this project but not much in the aesthetic department. 

This light tinted Pyramid Plastics screen was waiting on eBay for an affordable price. The main issue is, compared to the standard BMW screen, it won't hide the dashboard as mush.

I initially thought about making the lower part darker by painting it black, but that meant taping, sanding with 600 sand paper, spraying and waiting for paint to dry. And then, there still was some black 3M vinyl on the shelve from the Triumph rear seat unit project and so popped the idea of covering the screen instead of painting it.

The holes still need to be cleared, but the result is not bad at all. One of the good points about having it covered rather than painted is that the black part can still be reshaped. I'm not too sure about the straight line design.

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