Sunday, June 23, 2013

News from the front

So the front of the Speed Triple feels bad ? Let's put it back on the bench for a complete check up then. To be honest, I had planned a complete rebuild but definitely not that early. The last terrible ride has made to rush the key decision to closely inspect the front suspension.

The one thing that has mainly led the Triumph back on the bench is the much too soft fork setup, something a simple oil drain wouldn't solve. So to cure that, the decision was made to upgrade the fork springs to some with a more suitable spring rate. The standard springs are rated 0.7 kg/mm and I opted for K-Tech's road/race springs rated 0.95 kg/mm. This setup is clearly closer to what's required given the type of usage for the bike (and also my weight). 0.25 kg/mm is a huge difference, but the 955i Speed Triple is known for its harsh rear suspension. Let's hope this change will make both front and rear up again.

But as soon as the front wheel had been removed, I noticed a big play in the steering stem. A quick look in the service manual revealed that this play can be 'adjusted'. This is the first time I heard about such a thing. Either there should be a play and it can be adjusted, or there shouldn't be one and it shouldn't be allowed to adjust it ... Anyway, it motivated a second decision : the steering bearings had to be changed. If that play has been there for a bit of time, then the bearing have been knocked out on every bumps. So on to the World of Triumph shopping list.

Yes ... I know it's a Fag bearing ...

And since there was a growing part list to order from the UK, why not add a left engine bolt and its spacer. They will allow to remove those ugly crash bungs that gets in my knees' way on every corner.

Coming next : these parts are being fitted.

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