Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Speed's rear end

While there's not much improvement on the front end, the work on the rear end has jumped giant leaps forward recently. First, the 3M vinyl-wrapped seat unit has been reassembled to be presented on the bike. Then the license plate holder has now a plate on it. 

And finally, the race seat unit has arrived from Skidmarkz, though it's been ordered back in February. But don't get me wrong here, the guys have really been great providing help and apologies just when they needed to, so I won't blame them for a delayed delivery. Add to that that, unlike what we were initially planning and expecting, the race version of the Speed Triple is finally the one that still requires the most work, and you'll get why this late arrival isn't that of bad news.

This race seat unit is for the previous generation 955i, but it should fit the same way. I haven't been able to find a post '01 Daytona or Speed Triple race seat unit anywhere except in the US meaning $250 shipping costs. This one will do it fine.

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