Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shoei XR1100

After a bit more than 10 seasons using my faithful Lazer Fibertech Banzai helmet, I decided it did have to go for a well deserved retirement. I must say that I have been rather happy with the Lazer thoughout the years, but it's getting old and it makes it feel it. Scuffed surface, partly broken vents, scratched visors, noisy ride are enough to some for a swap, but if you add the fact that it's now 11 years old and, moreover, my need for a change it does it enough for me as well. 

After fancying an Arai Quantum UK flag for some time, I went for a Shoei XR1100 which suits my head much better. Being a nasty boy, I visited the local shops for a try and then placed an order for a XR1100 TC10 at HelmetCity where the prices were 20% less (shipping costs included) with some extra options and gifts.

Off goes the Lazer ...

... and in goes the Shoei

The (free) light-tint visor

Clear and light-tint visors compared

The tinted visor in place
First impressions are good as it feels much lighter than the Laser and looks really well finished. 

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