Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Even if it feels good to know we're not a lot out there to race a 955 Triumph, there's always a part of me thinking there's certainly a good reason for that. One of them being that there's a far easier route to build a good racer ... Another might be because the 955i base feels like an anvil when thrown from one turn to another.

But then, from time to time as you wander the internet, you come across some other desperate attempt to turn a 955 into a decent track tool like the one below. There's at least one side of it that I like - the left - even if I'm really not sure about the tribal sticker on the swingarm.

But from the right side, while showing a more advanced degree of preparation - with rearsets, heat extractor and run-faster-stickers - I'm certainly far less convinced. It seems like the exhaust, which by the way is a genuine Triumph sport can, hangs off way too low.

Anyhow, let's salute the efforts and bravery ...

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