Monday, April 29, 2013

3M vinyl wrap

I have had a quote made the other day for 2 complete vinyl wraps : one for the R1100S, one for the Speed Triple. I did so thinking it would make a good alternative to a full paint job and certainly a much cheaper one.  When the quote dropped, my jaw came with it. 

And so began a YouTube hunt on how to do some vinyl wrapping. In some tubes it looked easy, whereas in some others it looked rather challenging, but I decided to give it a try and ordered some 3M vinyl sheets. They arrived last week : one carbon looking sheet and one matte black sheet. 

Here are the photos of the first few parts I covered. The carbon looks really good on the R1100S seat cowl event though it's not that perfect and has some minor defects here and there.

Above : the central part of the Speed triple's tail unit. Being the smallest part I had at hand, I used it as a trial run.


Yvan said...

Not bad at all ! :)
The result looks good. So how hard is it finally ?

Jérôme Pramondon said...

Well it's not that difficult in the end, but the technique really takes some getting used to.
The real question actually is how well it will survive once the panels are back on the bikes. As I'll probably show in a coming post, the carbon fiber vinyl wrap is already badly scuffed on the BMW.

Mickel Bush said...

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