Thursday, February 28, 2013


Stuck is the current state of the Speed Triple project right now ... or should I say again as it's already been trough moments of doubt since the beginning. Today should have been a productive working day on the bike, one of those that marks a huge leap toward the finished product. But it ended up being a complete disaster, mainly because of a seized rear wheel nut.

That nut is still in place and not moving at all, which prevents the front and rear sprocket to be changed easily and most of all it blocks access to the rear bake caliper. The later is in desperate need of some attention. The pistons seem seized as well and the pads are rubbing hard on the disc, making the rear wheel hard to turn by hand.

I've tried several ways to unscrew that rear wheel nut, but none could get if off the bike. The only option left is to put the Speed Triple back to road trim and ask the dealer to have a look. Great ... they will certainly be willing to help ... as always ...

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Yvan said...

Did you try with a pneumatic hammer ?
Is it stuck because of corrosion, or because it's to tight ?

The other solution, is heating, but be carefull with the bearings.