Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mysterious forks

I bought that fork yesterday complete with yokes and brake calipers. It's a Showa down a Honda 929 CBR. I've read these are pretty sensible to suspension optimisation work. It will be a nice addition to the Speed Triple project. Yes, it's going to take the fork conversion way, even though it migtht take a bit of time before gathering all the required parts and finally ending up swappping the forks.

It also came with a horn and a contact swith. The latter had to be removed quickly as the seller wanted to get it back and I had no use of it. It's actually completely useless without the CDI unit on these HISS Hondas. So off it goes.

I'm surpised just how light the top yoke is. Gonna have to refresh the paint though ... and cover that Honda sign too ...

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