Sunday, March 11, 2012

R1100S winter rebuild - part 3

One of the main reason why the R1100S is undergoing such a rebuild process is because it deserved to be improved a bit in the suspension department. Front and rear shocks both need to be changed, even if they're not completely knackered and still doing a descent job. And since most of the parts implied in the suspension process have to be taken down the bike to access these shocks, the rebuild is also a good opportunity to restore some of them.

So off went the front brake calipers, wheel, mudguard and steering damper (yes, the sporty BMW has one). The fork legs then slid through the yokes, making the bike kind of levitating on a hydraulic jack.


Years of cold winters and salt completely ate up the paint's varnish (where there is paint) on the the bottom triple clamp and the bottom end of the fork legs. The forks were already off and the yokes had to be removed anyway in order to replace the ball joints, so why not have them repainted ? They've been dropped at the friendly shop Polimetal59.

The parts are due for next week. Looks like this build will take much more time than expected.

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