Friday, March 2, 2012

R1100S winter rebuild - part 1

It started rather late for a real winter rebuild and it was about time. With a full load of parts waiting on the shelves and as much problems and mods stacking in my mind since I've got this bike rolling, it couldn't wait any longer. So last week, I finally made up my mind and decided I would try to work on the R1100S in the small, dark and mainly cold garage. 

The main goal for this winter was to replace both shocks and change the right leaky fork seal. But hey, while the bike's completely stripped off, why not add a couple of mods on the list ? So in are a battery swap which requires it to be relocated (as well as part of the wiring loom), a Rapid Bike module relocation, a fork rebuild (complete from oil to triple clamp bearings), ABS and O2 sensors definitive removal. That should keep me busy for a couple of weeks.

Let's start with the battery, Rapid Bike and loom relocation. It all started because the standard 18A battery is much too heavy and now useless since the ABS's been removed last year. So I looked what kind of battery fit R1200Ss and found they're running 14A ones which are not only smaller but mainly would be a full 2kg lighter. Also the main issue since I've installed the Rapid Bike unit is that it's not properly attached to the bike. It's still able to move under the tank.

Once the bike was stripped, the first task was to empty the battery tray. Then the next couple of hours have been spent trying different fitment configurations for the battery, Rapid Bike unit and ABS electronic module.

Having tried many fitment scenarios, I decided I would strap the new battery just behind the Motronic unit, leaving the former battery space to the Rapide Bike box.

Then I had to find a way to relocate the wiring loom so that the main and ground wires could reach the battery. And while trying and guessing, I thought a good refresh of some parts of the wiring loom would be welcome, so in went a a reinsulate session too (hence the black and red tape). Here's how it looks in the end : the battery slides in what used to be the ABS servo location and the Rapid Bike unit is packed together with the ABS electronic module where the battery was formerly strapped.

Will they move while riding ? Will the battery drain all its power trying to start the big flat engine again and again ? I certainly don't know yet as only a road test will tell, and this is way down low on the To-do list at the present time.

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